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This may go elsewhere, but I couldn't tell which would fit best, so since it was blog-related, here it goes.


I just redesigned my site's structure so that my blog is in http://www.domain.com/blog'>http://www.domain.com/blog instead of http://www.domain.com.


The problem is that now all of my archive links that people have linked to are broken (since there is a "/blog" inserted between the domain and archive folders).


I know regex can probably handle this kind of thing and there is probably something I can do in my .htaccess file to make an automatic rewrite of the requested URL happen. I just don't know enough about regex to figure it out. I've tried learning on my own, but it's gone over my head.


Can anyone help me insert the "/blog" into any http request for a URL that starts with http://www.domain.com/archives/x/y/z/ so that it ends up being http://www.domain.com/blog/archives/x/y/z/?


Note that the URL string after archives/ will change with each entry, but is predictable up to archives/, that makes any sense.





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