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When did you submit this to search engines? Your content looks pretty good in terms of using relevent keywords, but you may want to consider "dumbing it down" a little as well. Try and consider the keywords for people who might want healing services, but do not know about Reiki (so they wouldn't use Reiki to search with) and use more of those in your content.


You probably also want to make a few edits to your META keywords and a description into the HEAD of your HTML - while many search engines ignore them now, they won't ever hurt you to have, and a few search engines still use them. But your keywords have several terms repeated more than 2-3 times, which can get you dropped in ranking, because the spiders think you are trying to SPAM the engine. "reiki ausrtalia, reiki brisbane, reiki sydney, reiki townsville, reiki perth, reiki melbourne, reiki hobart" - in trying to move up in the stats, you may actually be moving down because of the repeated words. (And you know you spelled "ausrtalia" wrong, right?)


Also check the ALT tags (or lack of) in your side navigation buttons.


You may also want to break out some of that content onto seperate pages - and ditch the pop-up style windows on the listings. As it is right now, all that good info on Reiki is very low on the page, below the listings and some search engines stop crawling after X number of bytes read. With the popup windows, if a user gets to one of the popup pages from a search engine search, they have no navigation, site branding, or anything else to use to figure out where they are and how to get back to your homepage.


Just my two cents :) Also remember that it takes several months for some engines to do their thing, so it may just be a matter of waiting. Try and spread the word though, and ask other webmasters to link to your site. With Google's page weight logic, its NOT the number of sites that link to you, its the number AND quality of sites (so don't bother with the link farm sites). If you can get a smaller number of high-ranking sites to link to you, that will help a lot with Google ranking.

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One of my clients enjoys pretty good rankings in Google for a very competitive term and they have 311 links back and more every day. You definitely need to get more.


Snipe has a very well written comment above that you would do well to take to heart - at least from what I know about placement.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions for my site :) http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com I will start working on them straight away.

I have 2 more questions.

1. :( In my previouse posting I asked about increasing my ranking for "reiki" where I have a low ranking, but under "reiki australia" I have a good ranking. So if I implement these changes (discussed in my previous post) is there any chance that that will lower my ranking.


2. :( And if it wont lower my ranking when i change my index pages content and tags etc, what is giving me my high ranking. I always thought it was the amount of times the key words were on the index page.


Thanks for all your help



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Ranking on a single word and getting a good position for a term that may be popular is near impossible. If you are competing against other sites that have been around for a long time and have a good back-link strategy then your work is cut out for you.


Time and patience and some real dedication to getting quality inbound links are required. Keyword weight is important as well but the key is not overdoing it. You can have great keyword weight but rank poorly because you have few inbound links.


Make your site for your visitors, great content for them will make them want to talk about you. If they talk about it they will link to it as well. If they link to it, others will. That and your work on getting links and time will make all the difference.


Remember, thousands of relevant links, great keywords and optimization and an outstanding search ranking mean nothing if people don't like your site because you are more concerned with the search engines than you are in educating them about your product and what makes you outstanding compared to everyone else. A number one ranking means nothing if you cant keep a visitor for more than a few seconds.


I say concentrate on your site. Make it the best source of information on your subject on the net. Do that and what has been said above and the ranking will come.

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Good words, Rob.


Steve, why do you want so much to rank high for Reiki? From just looking at your site it seems you only would have something for the person in Australia. Why would you care if a person in Florida, USA comes to your site?


I can rank tops for "Key West Hotel Jim's Inn" but not be in the top 100 for "Key West Hotel" or in the top 10000 for "hotel" just because the specific words in my first search term. Honestly, if the person is in Louisville, Ky at the Kentucky Derby looking for a hotel then I don't care if they ever come to my site.


Rob's right, make your site for visitors and that will give you more mileage than anything else. You should still get specific hits when you break it up because the guy looking for Reiki in Quensland will find your page on that town for sure... even if he never sees the main page.


Finally, ranking depending on the number of repetitions of the keyword is the wiay it used to be, but not for a long time. The engines are smarter than that because people started putting "reiki reiki reiki reiki..." at the bottom of the pages and the search engines became useless because of the scammers. That's partly why they went to using page ranking based on links TO your site from other (related) sites.

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