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Managiing Favorite Links


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I hope I can get some feedback about this issue here or you can point me to the proper forum site.

I have a huge Favorite list which is categorized in hierarchical way and I want to put them in my favorite Link page with drop down box or some thing like that. I prefer to send them to a data base and read them from there. I do not need to add them on regular basis.


Any suggestion or idea and how to do this would be welcome.

Thank you

Current but not updated links are here: www.tavakoli.ws/links.htm

I have have the link in Firefox and Xbel.html file and I want to synchronize everythign when I do it in Firefox.

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If I'm not reading your post wrong?


You have these links stored in FireFox, if so you can look in in your profile directory for bookmarks.html. This might not be what you want but is a quick solution for an updated list of your bookmarks in FF.

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thaks for the replies. I checked the script. It might not be suitable for my purpose. But Don, Can you please give me more help on how I can do it?


If you are talking about adding links to a web page

then yes a database link manager will make life so much easier.

Be sure it it easy to add/edit categories and links.

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There are different kinds

Simple link manager to just display links that you add/edit in a database.


Reciprocal Managers can let others submit a link to you for approval

and some will check the link back and delete if not found.


try a few to see what you link.

But the ease of adding a link is worth it

Just goto the admin panel, select a category, add the link.

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