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Envelope With Hole


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In your key to the forum, you show several envelopes in various tones to represent new, hot, etc.


These envelopes show in the forum too but are not listed. Please explain the laser hole, or seal icon.

(the blue one looks like on of my digital cameras)


Do they mean no new posts/all read?




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Guest Guest

I posted to other threads but they do not have that icon.


Maybe it is when you are the last person posted on that thread that it appears?



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I believe rayners is right. I just did some looking around and it only shows up on threads I've posted something in. The reason it's not for you might be because on some of your posts you've made, you've done them as a guest and haven't been logged in.


Ohh well, we're moving to vB as soon as a converter comes out for it, so then you'll have a whole new system to learn. ;)

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Yes. At home I am atuomatically logged in.

When I posted from work, I didn't realize I wasn't signed in til I saw GUEST, but couldn't change or delete the post.


Thank you.


we're moving to vB

Different style forum?



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