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Email Autoresponder From A Form...

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I've got a small form at http://giveitrizz.com/vidtodvd.htm which sends the form information to an email address (dvd@giveitrizz.com) which in turn responds using the auto responder I've created in cpanel.


So, on my form I've got the name and email address.


How can I set it so that the autoresponded email has "Hi NAME" at the top? I've tried inserting %from% but it just comes up with the email address.


If it can be done I'm assuming it is something to do with the textbox name in the form?


Thanks for anyone's help on this.





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Most of do not use FP or don't use it in the manner that would give us a way to provide an answer that would resolve your particular issue. One of our family members might have an answer but they may not have found this post yet.

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since this appears to be a Front Page problem

I am going to move this to the Front Page forum for better exposure.

where more FP user will see it and hopefully chime in.


If I am wrong, let me know.

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Instead of %from%, try the name of the field from FP.


For example, if you inserted the field in FP and called it Name, then try %Name%.


That's my first guess.


I'm a pretty avid user of FP by the way. But this question is a little new to me.

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