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Which Server Am I On?


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My Cpanel window does not tell me which server I am on. How can I tell?


-Samantha :lol:

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Thank you. Responses to you all:


1) I know from reading the server name should be listed in the cpanel as Turtle says centered below my domain name, but it isn't. Is that a problem? According to something I read this weekend, that was being updated last month, maybe may area is still to be done? :lol:


2) I haven't set up emails yet so that wasn't possible. :lol: Will work on this tomorrow night.


3) KW as usual, you hit the jackpot! :D :D :D

I had seen the list of servers and IP, but did not connect it to my temp address. Never had to use it - published directly to new domain.

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Yes, it appears that the CPanel custom mod that Bill did last month to display the name of the server did not get ported over to the most recent servers he installed!


Sam, your on Server 26? Here I am back on little ole Server 5!




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member 1025 = Server 26

member 116 = Server 5


I guess I'm kinda late coming to the party.


Hey- just noticed, it doesn't say newbie anymore! YES!!!


-Samantha :lol:

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"Still Learning" or "I'm Trying" or "Guru in Training" are more my title! :lol:


Wanna learn everything I can, but after a weekend of reading and playing, I am convinced that I am still on the second or third rung of the ladder....got a LONG way to climb!


You've got so many new toys for me to try. I don't understand some of the language that tells you how to do it....seems greek to me. I'll keep studying other reponses. I learn fast, love to tinker, and I'm certainly not afraid to ask for help! :lol:


TCH seems like the kind of place (judging by the forums and assistance) to expand skills....a perfect fit for me.



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