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Place Holder In Place Of Picture

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I designed a page with Frontpage 200 using pictures as navigation buttoms.

While working offline in Frontpage they appear on screen perfectly and can be used to navigate as designed.


But when I upload the page to the server, only place holders with an X appear in the screen were the buttons should appear. The place holders can be used to navigate.


The addres of the problem page is: http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/intro_calendario.htm


Any idea of what might be wrong ?


Thanks for the help

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I think the links are wrong, much as Lise has suggested.


The image "servicios/BD14897_.gif" does not exist - hence you are getting an error. It looks as if you have uploaded the files into the same directory not the "servicios" directory. Also, on the server the directory is called "Servicios" with a capital S - and linux is case sensitive.

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Thanks everyone for the help.

You were right, the problem was with the naming of the directory. I had it in capital S in my computer. I changed the name, uploaded it and everything is working fine.



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