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Mailing List - No, Not About Limits!

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Hi Guys, First I want to say that I have read quite a bit of posts before creating this topic. Before I get too far into the mailman, I wanted to ask, does this functionality allow the mailing list to only show the individual recipient in the TO:?


For instance - If you have 30 people in a distribution list, when you send an e-mail to the list, do they only see their email or name in the To:?


This may be a basic question, but my only experience with distribution lists so far are related to Microsoft Exchange at the office.


BTW - these forums are great - I always learn so much --- I really enjoy reading the follow-ups from people who have figured out their problems and shared them. Awesome!!!


All my best,

Krisztina :D

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I have a couple of lists on Mailman, and when I send something it comes through with the name of the list in the To: field, not the individual recipients. I know there's a way to look up the members, but I think it's something you can block from non-admins.

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