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Semi Dedicated Server Ip Blocks


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I'm considering moving several of my sites to a semi-dedicated server. I have two questions:


1-Will the sites be on the same IP address or will they be different?


2-If different, to what degree? Class C block or better?


In other words

255.255.xxx.255 where x is the Class c Block



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If moving to a semidecidated server, it depends how full the server is. A maximum of four accounts share a server on a semi-dedicated one, so it depends at which stage you hop on board. Till that point, neither of your questions can be answered.





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I'm confused...


You're saying that I may or may not have to share an IP among my own websites depending on whether I was the first of four accounts on a semi dedicated or if I was the last?


I want to make an educated decision as to whether to host my numerous website accounts individually on shared servers or whether I should host them all on a semidedicated.


Thanks in advance for any assistance with this decision.

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