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Longhorn Renamed Windows Vista


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I read the title of this thread and thought about the headline fark.com has on it:

"Longhorn is now Vista. If you understand this headline, cripes, go outside"


That means most of us should be elsewhere right now, eh? :)

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On a side note, Microsoft could face a preemptive lawsuit by Vista Software for trademark infringement :



That said, Longhorn (err, Vista ;)) looks like a prettified XP to me. It'll prolly have the same (inexistent) security, will be even more bloated, and moreover it will have (or it is supposed to have) built in DRM, and I foresee *a lot* of problems with it...


I just hope Apple will have the intel machines ready by the time Vista comes out (or at least by the time w2k will reach its end-of-life)... :thumbup:

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