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Mailman Too Public

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I'm concerned that in the header of every message sent from mailman to a list, there is an url for the mailing list -- actually two: subscribe and unsubscribe.


This public html page gives people some opportunity to try to join a list that I would like to keep private.


1. Is there any way to remove this information from the default headers? Note: I am not talking about the HTML tags that are user-configurable, but rather the default header info about the lists that goes out in every email sent. Since this is a private list, and each member knows quite well how to unsubscribe, this info is not necessary -- and its inclusion in emails creates the opportunity for many people to try to join the list.


2. How can I use .htaccess (cpanel version...) to make the "public" mailman page for a list require username / password?


Note that I would nomally use cpanel to do this, but... the html page associated with a list is somehow redirected in a way I don't understand -- the path to the right of the slash after my domain.com does not exist. Hence, there must be some global redirect at the server level?...





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1. mailman is one of those shared programs running on the server. So if the headers are removed for you they would be removed for everyone using mailman on the server where you reside. So that is not an option.


2. Again, mailman is a shared program running on the server.


There are other mailing list software programs out there that you can install and use if mailman will not work as you like.

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