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Alternate Webmail Apps

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So, I'm giving up on POP clients. There are just too many places for me to check my mail from. I see that we have a few options here. And while Squirrel has the benefit of being accessed from really anywhere, I don't like the interface much.


Has anyone had any luck installing alternate webmail clients on TCH? Are these sorts of things fairly easy to set up? Or should I just suck it up and stick with what's here?


Also, is there a way to remove the Folders frame in SquirrelMail? That ugly thing is really my biggest problem with it.


Thank you.

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I am a big fan of Horde - its relatively easy to use, and it works with IMAP. Horde also has some nifty scheduling and task list features, so it can be used as an organizer in addition to just an email client.


One thing I don't like much about horde is that if you choose to use the HTML compose window, it sticks weird code into the email which comes back looking like garbage if the person you're sending to uses plain text email to read their email. Solution to this was just to turn off HTML in the composition window. not perfect, but certainly something I can live with.


(edited because I am a spaz and cannot spell)

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