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I would like to be able to print only certain parts of my blog.

Lets say I made a post and a few people commented it and I would like to print out my post and the comments but not the new comment text box or the sidebar etc.

Is there a way to do that?

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That partially worked.

What happened now was that the comments got printed but not my post even if it was highlighted too. :)


What I would really love to find though is something like this (Click on demo for WordPress 1.5 Print). The only problem with this addon is that it only prints the post and not the comments.

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The WordPress 1.5 Print addon appears to be a Wordpress template, with instructions for tweaking Wordpress and adding a mod_rewrite rule to the .htacess file to make the URLs work.


If you want the page to display comments so they are printed with the post, it looks to me like all you'd need to do is edit the wp-print.php file and add the necessary code to display the comments on the page.

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