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Many months ago 10+ I spent about two days, and alot of help desk stuff, trying to get my simple phpbb forum to use the "DefconBlue" skin. I got it working and everything worked fine, until today. Now my forum has reverted to SubSilver and Defcon Blue is no longer a selectable skin. I have done nothing out of the ordinary on my site, and all the defcon blue files are still in the right folders... at least as far as I can tell. I am the only one that uses my computer and I didn't touch them. I ran a search, and sure enough I found about a hundred defconblue files all in various folders in my website folder. So... I know this is pretty vague, but do you have any ideas, or want me to give you more info?




here is some more info. On my home folder virtualalex/forums/templates there is a template folder called DefconBlue and it is full of files. On the remote side in forums/templates there is also a defconblue folder also full of files. I have don't nothing strange at all, so why isn't it showing up as a selectable skin? and why did it revert? Do you admin guys have the power to like... look into my remote folder and make sure I am not missing some vital files? Or is this a help desk thing?

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The forums moderators here do not have the ability to access customer accounts, so you'd need to submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

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