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Floating Table Breaking Div


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I've got a table that floats right inside of a div. If the table is too long, then it extends outside of the div at the bottom. I need the div to simply wrap at the bottom of the table, rather than the table overlap the div. I figured since the table is inside the div there would be no problem, but I was wrong:




Any ideas? I couldn't find any CSS that would help.

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I've seen this happen with images and such too. I know there's a better way to fix it, but I can't find the article that explains it, unfortunately (I'd like it for my files, actually). The quick & dirty way to do it is to add a non-semantic tag at the end of the div, after the table, and set it to clear the float. Something like:


<br style="clear: both;" />


I think that sometimes will clear the left and right menu, though. If so, try just adding an empty paragraph after the table:


<p> </p>


If that screws up your spacing, you can always set the style on that as well:


<p style="height: 1px; margin: 0; padding: 0;"> </p>


I *think* I've used both these options in the past and they've worked. It would be better to throw all the style stuff into a style sheet, but I can't access source code on this computer so I am not sure if/how you're using CSS. Hope this helps anyway.

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