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Computer Video Graphic Card Blues


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Last week I uploaded a picture showing how my computer does this rippling, smear effect. The picture is attached here again.




I called my local computer technician and he confirmed what you folks said: that it was a video card or graphic card problem (I assume they are one in the same).


So Dell is coming out this week to replace my graphic card and the motherboard.


So, this is my question now....


I only have this "smear" effect happen on two pages of my website.

I don't see it anywhere else when I go online. I don't even see this happen

when I look at other pages of my website.


Could it be a code thing? A lot of the code is very simular to other pages on my website. I don't see how it could be.


You can look for yourself if you'd care to. This is an obstacle for me right now and I cannot imagine anybody wanting to mess with this.


It just seems to me that if the computer's video card was going out, ALL of the browsers would be going haywire.


My website:



First problem page ("Camera Accessories" link from home page):



Second problem page (Link from "Camera Accessories" page):



Maybe this will all stop once the video card is exorcised.


Thanks very much. :flex:

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Yep you have video and /or graphics problems.I tried your site with three different machines,an "ibm" p111 with a "win98",a Hewlett Packard with win"me",and a "compac" with "win xp pro" All those read your site just fine!!!

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I agree that the problem is most likely related to your video card. But I'm not sure that it is the hardware - it could also be due to some problem with the video card's driver (software). If the driver is pretty old, I'd probably try updating the driver first and see if that might fix the problem. Since Dell is replacing everything though, you're going to get a new video driver to go along with your new video hardware.


As to why you only see the effect on your homepage: The browser is doing something unique to trigger the effect when it renders your homepage that it does not do on any other page you've looked at.

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