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Very Strange Ie Issue


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Here's the mystery I'm trying to solve:


A web page I created for a client many months ago and tested thoroughly in IE and FF with flying colors is now acting strangely in IE on my computer.


The address is suteraskin.com


Specifically, here are two problems I'm noticing:

1- The drop down menu at the top is herky jerky when I rollover the navbar.

2- The css rollover button 'Share the Love' is very slow to go from inactive to active and even back to inactive.


To make this even more strange, I fire up my wife's computer, hit the site with IE and it works perfectly.


Admittedly, she's running 6.0.22 and I'm running 6.0.28 but I don't think that's the difference. I haven't updated or changed anything with IE on my computer and things just got weird lately. I have been searching the internet and racking my brain to figure out what the deal is.


Even if you don't have any ideas, you can help by letting me know if you see the site in IE with no delays in the rollover and smooth dropdowns, or if you're seeing the same herky jerky action too.


Thanks for the feedback.

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she's running 6.0.22 and I'm running 6.0.28


Maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe 6.0.28 has its own special IE bugs.


I know this, it has to do with the Flash playing in the background. If you go to an internal page, where there is no flash, the problem should dissapear.


And, strangely enough, when I put the flash tags outside of the divs I'm using, the problem also goes away.


So, in a sense, I know how to fix this... but the curiosity is forcing me to try to figure out why this would happen.

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Running IE 6.0.29 here....


The drop-down menu is a bit "jerky" if my CPU usage is near 100%, which is easy to trigger by moving the mouse quickly over each menu option one after the other. There may also be some "jerkiness" due to IE trying to render a tooltip at the same time a menu is dropping down when the mouse is hovered over one of the menu options.


The CSS rollover button appears to be pulling the background image from the server every time the mouse is moved over or away from the image - I'm seeing traffic on my ZoneAlarm icon every time the background changes. For some reason, it looks like IE is not caching the image. Firefox does not exhibit this behavior.


Hope this helps...

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David, I know what you mean about running the mouse quickly over all the navbar options but that's not even close to the herky jerky motion I'm talking about.


The webstandards project website estimates something like 25% of the cost of website design goes into BS like this where developers have to hack around non-compliant browsers (IE) that don't follow standards.


And yes, your input helps. Thank you.

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