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Mx Records And Forwarding From Godaddy

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I need some 'splaining. I guess I just dont get it.


I have a domain name at GoDaddy.


I had it hosted at TCH.


I now need it to point to our real estate site at Keller Williams.


So I went to GoDaddy and clicked on "Forwarding" and it asked me for the url.


I put it in and it said for this to work, I have to change my DNS to their DNS server. So I did.


Now all the mail goes there too.


BUT I dont want it to do that. I want the email to stay on TCH.


I was told I need to make changes AT GoDaddy to the cname and/or MX records.


What would I need to change these to?


something like: mail.<IpAddressOfMyServerAtTCH> ?


Hopefully someone can explain this better. I have a ticket open but I'm just not understanding what the tech is telling me. I think he is saying I need to make changes at Keller Williams, but of course I cant do that there. . .

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I just thought of something. I think my above link applies to if you are hosting at Go Daddy. I "believe" If you open a ticket here explaining what you are trying to accomplish we can work out a solution for you but it may involve you pointing your name servers back to us. The helpdesk will have the answer we need though.

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Well, how do I say this. . . I have had several responses from the tech's on the open ticket. Most were . . . . not. . . quite what I needed. maybe it's not possible. I would have to modify the godaddy MX records and possibly cname entries to somehow point to TCH. but I have now changed the DNS to godaddy, because they said to get forwarding to work there, I had to do that. So now ALL entries to my website are forwarded to the Keller Williams website. I have setup Apache before, and had it look at the header coming in to use the website address to go to the right place. But since <mydomainname> now points elsewhere, it is not transferred to TCH anymore. I would have to somehow take the MX records and send them to TCH with the domain name in the header to get them to go to the right place, right?


Maybe this in not possible.


I will use one of the other 4 or 5 domains I have hosted at TCH for the emails. I get very few at this domain anyway.


Thanks for trying.

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