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Html Forms Questions


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I hate to ask this here after all I've managed to learn on my own in the last year, but I'm at a dead end.


I'm working on a Contact Us page for my website. I want to create a very simple contact form, which I can find tutorials on. But my snag is that I want to create a drop down box that offers reasons why this person would be using the contact forum. Basically here is what I'm trying to do.



Email Address: (TEXT BOX HERE)

Reason for Contacting Us: (Drop down box here offering several choices)

Your message: (LARGE TEXT BOX HERE)



And just out of curiosity, would this type of form be compatible for all browsers?


If some one could point me to a tutorial or website that could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.




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Yes it will




><select name="Reason for Contacting Us">
<option value="rash">I have a rash.
<option value="itch">I have an Itch
<option value="fall">A body part fell off
<option value="dead">I think I am dead


I dont know what values you want but you can see what to change to fit your site.

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