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Invision Power Board Installation Issues


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Hi there!


I recently purchased a hosting account for an online community that I'm moving over from EZboard. I was able to install IPB on my site (http://www.hamstertime.net/ht) with what appeared to be no problems.


However, when I tried to manage the HTML and style sheet, there was no information available. I was able to get the CSS info to show up by replacing the database copy with the cached copy, and the HTML options showed up after I used the resynchronization tool at the bottom of the Manage Template Sets page.


However, when I tried to change the logo for the board - using the Edit Board Header option from the Quick Clicks menu - I received the following error upon save:


"Cannot write into './Skin/s1/skin_global.php', please check the CHMOD value, and if needed, CHMOD to 0777 via FTP. IBF cannot do this for you. "


I FTP'd to my site and manually changed the CHMOD to 777 for the Skin folder, but I still get the error.


Any ideas?

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Welcome to the family Julie :)


There some hints on

Invision Power Board Hosting Modification Help!, learn how to control your forums!

in our tutorials section. its a little old but may help.


I second Bruce's recommendation of editing the files on my computer,

you can use ftp to copy the file from your site to your computer,

edit and upload it back without changing permissions.

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