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I own and run ukhhf.co.uk which is a UK hip hop website. I recently came across a script called Jamroom which allows users to upload their MP3s to my server and allows users to stream and download these MP3s.


The script has a feature called LOFI Creator which creates lofi versions of the hi bitrate MP3s hence saving the users from having to upload both hi- and lo-fi versions of their songs.



However, to use this feature you have to download the LAME SOURCE code, upload that package to my webspace via FTP and log into theserver using SSH or telnet and run a few commands.


I noticed that TCH doesnt allow SSH or Telnet access, and that is not my question, my questions are 1) is there any other way to execute command line commands, and if not 2) would some one be able to install the LAME decoder for me?



Also, I wanted to make sure that this wasnt a disallowed script. Because I can imagine it uses up more server resources than a regular site may use, so I was wondering whether you would allow the use of such a decoder?



Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area.






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The main problem with installing LAME is that it requires compilation from source code (the './configure' and 'make' commands). All of the other commands can be done from CPanel's File Manager.


You'd have to submit a ticket to the Help Desk and ask them if they would install it, but I don't think they would.

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