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Did a quick search and didn't see anything but hopefully this is at least in the right section...


Anyone familiar with Minspolls? I'm trying to learn about setting up and displaying a list of all polls that I have created so a user can log in, select a poll and then vote on it. I'm fine with just displaying the poll itself (the latest one) but when I get into displaying the list, I'm not sure how to do it. I have a very basic knowledge of this stuff (usually figure things out by trial and error) so the more you can "dumb" it down, the better.


Ulitmately I'm trying to get some feedback for a Fantasy Football league I'm setting up so obviously this is a *HUGE* deal. :) Actually, its more of an excuse to learn about this stuff.


Thanks in advance!

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Made some progress on this. Actually in viewing the polls.php page, by default there is a partial line of code that reads:




Replacing that with:




will display the list of all codes. From there its a matter of tweaking the "list" template to present it the way you want.

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