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I have 8 sites set up & have run into this problem with all 8. After setting up subdomains to access webmail from each account they work at first but then after a few days or maybe a week the subdomains stop working & you cant access the site, if i go ahead & delete the subdomain & readd it then it seems to work again. This has also happened with a family page that i had set up a subdomain for & a reset fixed this also; is there a reason this is happening or can I be doing some procedure wrong? The accounts that I have this setup on & not working at this time are webmail.domsdigitaldomain.net & webmail.dracdudeslair.com.

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yes i have a resellers account & since I posted last message I have deleted & reinstalled the subdomain & still not able to go there get a we cant find page error?I beleive at least five of the other accounts that were setup the same exact way are working--wierd

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