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Can't Get Email Working

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If send an email to me@mysite.net, the mail just disappears. If I go to cPanel and access WebMail, the message is not there. As I understand it, me has to be the username issued to me when I set up my account with you, unless I've changed it (which I haven't). Is that right?

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You really need to set up an account me fot mysite.net - then it should work.


If you are using the cpanel username - then strictly the email address for that would be me@serverxx.totalchoicehosting.com where xx is your server number.


Or, if you have the default for all undirected email set to your cpanel username, then all mail sent to your domain, which has not got a corresponsing email address, will go to the cpanel username account.


Personally, I always set up a real account, and never use the cpanel username one.

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From the error message it looks as if you are trying to use the cpanel username.


Have you set up an account me@mysite.net ?


You need to use the full email address ( me@mysite.net ) for the username.


If you are still having problems, open a ticket at the help desk - and we'll look into it.

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