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File shows on one page but not another

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Hello people!


I've been using CSB (V4 i think) for a few months now..and up until today,I've had no problems that I couldn't fix on my own.


I really like this program..It is so very easy to use..I would class myself as an above average home P.C. user..I'm not totally in control of this machine..but I'm not afraid to explore it either.


My problem is this..


On my website,there are some sound files that have stopped working..I tried deleting them..publishing the amended site..closing CSB,reopening it..and then re-inserting the sound files..no joy..


So I added a couple of extra sound files on different pages..one of them works fine..the other does not..


Anyone got any suggestions?


Here's the link to the files that have been working up to now..


scroll down to 'incoming bullet sounds' and 'improved engine sounds'


Heres the link to the new sound file that works


It's the 'mood music'


Heres the link to the new sound file that doesn't work


It's the message from our sponsor


Phew..bit long winded..Thanks for reading so far..

Apologies for anything on my site that may be considered risque..


Feel free to point out any other errors you see on my site..the only drawback with CSB is that I am not really learning much about HTML..so please dont blind me with science!

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well!! what a warm welcome!


hmmm...yes i did refresh my browser..deleted cookies..flushed the cache,offline content..and history..


I will now try to rename the .tlx file..>GULP< lol...this is the first time I've had to do this..but If other people can see the audio player and hear the files I might leave it for now!! :D


thank you all for the advice!

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I think I have it!


the sound files I cannot see are wavs..the ones I can see are MP3's..and the mp3 files are using windows media player..the wavs maybe using quicktime


Someone in the chatroom of the Flight simulator I play grumbled about my site using Quicktime...so I think that the wavs are being displayed with quick time...


How do i get them to use Windows media player instead?Or is the only solution to convert them from wavs to MP3's?


Heck..ever noticed how the internet destroys your grammar..

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If you are using windows xp:


1) Right click a wav file

2) choose open with

3) and you should see a list with installed alternatives, check the box at bottom that

something like "Always open with..."

4) and then just click on the appropriate player in the list.

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yes..i understand that..but from what i gather from visitors to my site..the wav files are being presented by quicktime and the mp3s are being presented by windows media player..I would rather it was media player that presented all the sound files..i was expecting some option in cutesitebuilder if you see what I mean..

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Someone will be along to correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe those kinds of files are handled by the mime settings of the browsers and depend upon the file extensions to tell the difference.

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Yes, this is an individual user setting/"preference". The Windows file association determines which programs open a file...and I don't believe you can control that in html.

You can make sure its the same program by using the same file type, but if you mix the file types some users will see different players open and others may not.

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cool cool..so..I will convert the wavs to mp3s...see if that makes a difference to my browser..and then its upto the visitors browser and media player prefs..


Thanks to all who helped here!..great bunch of peeps!

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