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I'd like to allow someone to upload some files to my site. I do not want to allow them access to any other folders or files.


Do I set up a folder at the same level as my public_html folder, within the public_html folder or something else and then what?


Thanks for the help - detailed answers are appreciated as I have not done this before.

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When you create an ftp user in cpanel

select the folder you wish them to have access to.

if you let them use the / (public_html folder)

they will have access to all your folders and files.


Cpanel will create the folder if it does not exist.


When you create the account enter a user name like


enter a password like


then change the folder from the default of the user name to somthing like




now steve will use ftp.your-tch-domain.ext

user steve@your-tch-domain.ext

password theblob

and his ftp program will take him to the folder


and he will not be able to navagate any higher.


does that help :dance:

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