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Last time I looked at a calendar, it was April and I had six weeks to finish my thesis. And now my computer says it's May 31st and I have two weeks. I'm sure that's not right; something must have gone horribly wrong and scared May off, and it's wandering loose around the country.


If anyone spots May running around outside your house like a lost puppy, can you please catch it and give me a call? I miss it dearly and will offer a substantial reward--I'd give at least six quarters, which is an entire load of laundry.



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You can have the weather here in Dallas. I can't even go outside for long, I'm so unused to it.


I miss Irish weather - which is something I never thought I'd say. :)

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Hi Marie... I hate to tell you this, but I have lived in Dallas for 10 years and am still not used to it.  What really s*cks is it's just June 1 and it's only going to get worse  :(


My boyfriend's lived here for almost 10 years, too, and he isn't used to it either. Maybe it's just something that you have to be born into in order to cope with it.


Me, I can live with being born into non-stop wind and rain - weather that doesn't melt my skin from my body. :)


I´ll trade with you marie. :)

Just blow that weather over to me and I´ll blow my weather over to you in return. :)


I wish! We had a giant thunderstorm last night with an hour of non-stop rain, and it took everything I had not to run into the street in the middle of it all.

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Of course when summer gets here then we will be in our normal 110 range.
But it's a dry heat!


(Like hot is different than hot!)



Thomas, if you REALLY want it, Jim and I will make sure we send all of our hurricanes this year to you.


I'd much rather do that than what we had last year. Of course, the best thing is the cooler water there will make them fall apart before it hits land and there will be less damage.

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