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My Movable Type Blogs Are Running Fast!

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Well, I successfully moved my three Movable Type blogs to TCH. I must say, that my pages are loading allot faster than on my previous webhost's server! I love it!! I also like the fact that TCH knows much more than my last webhost about Movable Type, and the issues that Movable Type bloggers face (i.e. content spammers, installation and setup). I have a simple reseller account, with more than enough space for my two photoblogs CS and PF. One other thing that I have noticed is that as I log into the WHM, I notice that my server has only 46% of the memory used! My last webhost's server was using 70%-80% memory used.


So, I have to say that I feel that I made the right choice by moving my blogs to TCH. I look forward to keeping my sites here for a long time! :dance:



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Hi Chris -


I'm glad to hear you're happy with the server setup and performance. There's a number of family members here who are familiar with MT, and we all like helping other TCH family members with whatever MT issues they have. Welcome to the TCH family, and we all hope you'll be happy and stay here for a long time too! :dance:

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Welcome to your new home, Chris. I'm glad you are happy with the service TCH provides us. It sure makes life a little less stressed (for me anyway.) Like Rob said, we're glad your part of the family!

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