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Please Someone Help *very New To This World*


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I am so new to all of this. I am trying to get my site created. I have my domain name and TCH is my host.. but I can not find an free or trial version of a simple to do web builder. I did downloan BlueVoda and it's so simple, but I can not publish or upload them images for some reason, I am gonna guess because I have to use them as a host... or so it seems.


So can come please help me with this and where I can find an easy web builder that is compatible with TCH to use, or am I way off base on my theroy here *lol*



~Stacy~ (who is about to pull the last strand of hair out of her head)

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Okay I downloaded the NVU, did what I think is a mock page to see if it works. I open SmartFTP (because NVU would not let me publish from there) and it still does not work.... another question, on one of the TCH tut about ftb, it says to locate the index.html file to write over it, well I do not see that in my Public-html folder. I haveing nothing like that in there.


You guys are GREAT thank you in advace and I hope I don't wear you out lol



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Hi Stacy,


If there is not an index.html file in your public_html folder, just go ahead and FTP up your index page there anyway.

You should then see your page, by just typing in your domain name, ie www.my domain.com.

This is if your domain name has been registered and propagated through out domain name servers.


HTH, Tom

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Thanks for the quick reply Tom! Okay so if I don't see it don't sweat right? So I upload it and disconnect then go to my browser and type my domain name in and when it opens, all I can see is Index/ and all these folders.. but not the main page.. I see where it's been saved in there..


Maybe I am way in over my head LOL.. :dance: But I am persistant so I will keep trying.

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:dance: Welcome to the forums, Stacy :dance:


if your domain shows up but you see the list of files,

then you may not be putting the files in the right folder


you said Public-html folder

it is public_html

all lowercase, something to check on in your ftp setup.

and then your index.html page should display.

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Hey Bruce.. Thanks so much!! that worked for sure.. but.. hmm.. I can get my background to show that I created, but I can not get any images to show. they are gif files that I created as well.. and they don't show up. Any advice pleeeeeaasse lol..


Thanks to you too Don.. it is the way you have it.. I just didn't capitize when I typed lol..



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If you give us a link we can try to figure out why the images are not working.


be sure the images are really where your page is looking for them

and that the text case for the names are the same for the name and the image tag in your page.

its best to use all lower case in the name

you can also use - or _ in the names.

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No its public_html


and in looking at your source code


style="background-image: url(file:///C:/PSP%20File/pixel%20dolls/New%20Outlines%20for%20Site/Web%20Backgrounds/BG8a.gif);">

<div style="text-align: center;"><br>


<div style="text-align: center;"><img

style="width: 160px; height: 154px;" alt=""





it look like you are linking to the images on your compter.


Did you upload them to your site?

and where?

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The img tag on your page is trying to get your image from this URL:


...but your image is in the public_html/images directory, at this URL:


You just need to edit the img tag in your page to use the second URL I posted above.


The background image should be uploaded to the public_html/images directory too, then you could use the following URL to display it:


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OH My.. you guys ROCK!!!! here is what I did www.pixie-landpixels.com Now to just conquer how to actually use NVU LOLOL... Thank you guys sooo sooo much you don't know how much I appreciate it! I was so pulling my hair out! hehe...


Thank you Thank You!

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Hi Stacy,


Glad to see your having fun learning :dance: , isn't it fun. As Don said, everything on the server goes into the 'public_html' folder, and there is a difference from the 'Public_html' you just mentioned. I have never used a 'web page creator', so I cannot comment on how they work.

Learning the basics of HTML from scratch will help tremendously when it comes to understanding the in's and out's of how and why concerning web page and site creation. Then once you understand the basic concepts, move into a WYSIWYG creator, as then you have some knowledge to be able to de-bug why things don't work. I learned from this tutorial here http://htmlgoodies.earthweb.com/primers/html/ , and went from there.

I certainly understand your exurberance in wanting to get something published, that's what makes it fun, seeing your work online and telling the world to come see it :dance:

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Welcome to the family, Stacy B)


Looks like Bruce pointed you to my post in Lorraine's thread, so there's no need for me to repeat all that here.


glad to see you managed to get started with Nvu. If you need any help, just ask :P

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:) YES YES!! I am having so much fun with this, but I have to tell ya I have started and deleted a couple times :P


Thank you all again for your welcomes and your support! I will be back again to bother you lol..




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I learned just like you. Best thing to do is go to


http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp and progress to css


but if you want a fun free simple way, i suggest my favorite




check there forums out http://www.lissaexplains.com/forum/


you can ask anything and get a reply. dont need to buy any software yet use NotePad or Microsoft Word html editor or even use the HTML editor you get on CPanel > File Manager and html editor can be assed when click files. see this http://www.smallpond.com.au/web_help/cpanel_file_editor.htm

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  • 4 weeks later...

A belated welcome to TCH. I am somewhat new here myself since November of 2004. These people are very understanding about anything you need. They have helped me beyond anything I'd expect.

It really gives us a chance to make a good website!


I wanted to throw my 2-cents in, and I hope it helps. I have been learning HTML for about 5 months now, and it is really cool. I liked it once I began to see I could put pictures and text anywhere I want on the page.


Never having used a WYSISYG editor, I can't comment on that, but I came from a different direction.


I downloaded aceHTML. They had a free version, and it is discontinued, but if I couldn't get it anymore, I'd buy the Pro version. What is nice about it is the two views (one HTML, and one showing what it looks like). You can toggle back and forth.


Another thing I want to mention is about the code itself. I had a coach who didn't do much for me except throw me into the water. She said 'you have to be like Sherlock Holmes when you do HTML'. When something isn't looking right, I go back and study the code like an investigator...making a sort of game of it.

Sometimes I need to go do something and take a fresh view later.


I do tables, table rows, table data cells -- no frames.


Lately I am learning that search engines don't like frames anyway.

If you have the gumption (sp?) to stick with it, you can do some really cool stuff just with HTML. I look forward to learning other scripts such as Java and CSS, but for now, I am steeping myself in HTML.


The code is logical. If you start out simple, you will watch it mushroom.

In the beginning, strictly for learning purposes, I was shown how to "borrow code":

You can borrow my code if you want. It may not be your style, but you could look at it. (http://www.queenpictoria.com). I'm still cleaning it up, but check it out if it will help.

Click on "View" -> "Source", then copy and paste the source code onto a notepad or right into your html editor. (The idea is not to take anybody's code, but to just study it and build something for yourself.) You can change things in the code and look at how it changes in the viewer. Next thing you know, you'll be looking for backgrounds or making some of your own. It will get all messed up, but don't give up. Go for a swim and come back. Use the forum. This is a very constructive place to post things when you get stuck.


The tutorials offered are good, and you might find yourself studying them for a weekend or two, but it is worth it.


Anyway, that's a big 2-cents. Venture out and go for it!


Best Regards, :) :lol: :thumbup:

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Bluevoda is nice but can't open or save html files directly (quite amazing lack for web editor). But it saves files in html before every previewing (so your web browser can show them).

You can copy these files from folder

C:\documents and settings\your windows user name\local settings\temp\preview

and publish in every site.



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