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Where Are Php Error Messages?


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I'm writing PHP scripts, uploading them to the TCH server and then executing them online. When I have any sort of PHP error my browser displays a totally blank page, no error messages. Where can I find the PHP error messages? I've tried my error logs and also looking at the source for the web page. But there's nothing there. Any suggestions? Hopefully this is an easy question. Thanks!

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I'm just guessing here, but I think that if the error reporting level is set in your script, and the script has severe errors in it that prevent the script from running, PHP never gets to execute your error_reporting() function so it can tell you what's wrong.


When the error reporting level set in the .htaccess file, PHP reads the .htaccess file first before looking at your script and will set the error reporting level even if the PHP script is complete jibberish. :)

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