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I must confess that I find the structure of this whole forum quite confusing.

It's true that I don't come here very often, and thus am not as familiar with it as some of you may be.

I come here mostly to find out if certain technical issues are being/have been discussed, when I encounter one that tech-support cannot solve, because it is out of their jurisdiction.

And then it takes me longer to find the right place for the particular issue than in any other forum I repeatedly visit.

Maybe that's because this forum is so huge embraces a far greater variety of topics than most others — with which, of course, there's nothing wrong…

But I think a tighter structure would be helpfull.


My suggestion:

All topics that have to do directly with the services TCH provides go on one heap,

all that relate to aspects of using these services (web design, web development, etc…) on another

and all the rest ('What's your favorite pet?' and 'Do you think Linus Torvalds will be the next Bill Gates?') on a third heap.


Then, I think, it would be helpfull to separate the discussions from the announcements (and maybe consider moving the latter out of the forum or in a separate one altogether).


Well, I don't know… I haven't spend a lot of time analyzing the forums current contents, but I am sure that streamlining its structure would be a big plus!

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Thank you Sebastian for your comments.


If you find you don't know where to post a question, stick it in open discussions and one of the mods will move it to where it should go. They will PM you with where they move it.

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