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If I go to cPanel and select Subdomains, exactly what do I need to enter in that first box, the one next the box showing my primary domain (the one I used when creating my account with Total Choice)? In other words, I need to enter the full name of the site I want to set up as a subdomain, including the tld, right? In other words, if I want to add site2.com to my primary domain, say site1.net, I would enter site2.com in that box? www is omitted, right?


Seems like this is going to cause a rather odd URL for visitors to the subdomain site. Will they see site2.com/site1.net, or site1.net/site2.com, or what?


Edit: Also, are DNS pointers (DNS3.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM and DNS4.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM), set up with the Registrar, the same for domains setup as subdomains as those set up as the main domain?

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I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but a subdomain is just a directory. If you create a new directory in cPanel's File Manager of FTP then you can access it at tchhostedsite.com/sub.

If you use cPanel to create a subdomain then it will create a directory you can access at sub.tchhostedsite.com. It also gives you the benefit of tracking stats and createing email addresses like you@sub.tchhostedsite.com.

If you are wanting to create a seperate site with its own subdomain you will need to purchase another account or move to a reseller account.

If you want to have 2 domains point to your main page the when can park it for you.

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