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Upstream Blocking?

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It can't have anything to do with indexes off. Some users have all their accesses blocked. Some coming in without referrers, some without referrers and user agents, are blocked.


One must have been a bot. I saw loads of accesses within a minute or two. Multiple to the same files. Always loading images and css files. Now and then there would be a 403, in between 200 and 304. It looks almost as a small scale DDOS attack? Wait, it's from a school. It could also have been a school class using multiple computers via the same NAT router.


When I search for 403, it looks like a lot, but I can see a lot of accesses came through as well, after I searched for the IP number.


There's a bot (no referrer or user agent) that was blocked as well. Looks like throttling, because it's downloading a mile a minute from my forum. No images loaded.

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Just for the record, upstream blocking wouldn't be likely. If an upstream did any blocking, you wouldn't see any hits at all regarding the blocked requests.


The fact that you are seeing the 403's means the forbiddens are happening localling to your server/account.

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I've got lots of 403's in my logs that I can't account for. I don't know how and why they're blocked. As far as I know, I didn't block them.


So, who did?


And yes, I double checked my .htaccess files.


You might post your htaccess here. someone else might spot something you missed. I tried to peek at it on your site but I got a 403 denied :goof:



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