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Phpbb Versions

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That is up to cPanel to update.


Much discussion has been had on the forum about updating scripts. You should go to the www.phpbb.com site and download the update you need and manually install it. Going to the source will insure you have the most up to date version of the scripts.


Also you might want to subscribe to the Security forum to recieve notices. Thomas posted about the phpBB not to long ago.

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My CP only has 2.0.11 available via the interface.

I will notify CPanel that their package needs to be



Good luck with that. Just go to the phpBB site and download the updates and install them. Waiting on cPanel you could be waiting a very long time.

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Please have the server updated to the latest STABLE build.

This will contain the latest version of phpBB.



Technical Support Representative

cPanel, Inc.


So you're telling me that they should have scripts/updates

that could be applied to our version to upgrade the phpBB?

I will get back with them and see if they have more options

than just doing a version upgrade of cPanel.

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I get nervous doing manual updates to automated software installs.

If I do a manual update to a newer version, is an updated cPanel in

the future going to recognize my updated version? So, for example,

a newer cPanel with 2.0.14 would not break my 2.0.15 installation?

Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to ask. :)

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Hi everyone, I've been trying to update the phpBB script to the latest version and have had trouble. I read in another thread the following advice:


**Ahh...yes I got bit by the DB update when I first started using PhPBB. What you need to do is create an install folder and FTP the "upgrade_to_...php" file to that folder and execute it from a web browser. The folder must be off your PHPBB forum root folder. After the upgrade is complete, you must delete the Install folder you created or the forum will not run.**


I've tried everything and think I've followed the download instructions, plus what the person said above, and I'm still coming up with error messages. If anyone else has had these problems and were able to fix it, would you please let me know how you did it?


Thanks so much! :)



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Thanks to all of you for the welcomes! I'm actually not quite new, but I couldn't remember my password and I never received the email letting me change it, so I had to re-register. But I think I've only posted a couple of times in the past, so I still consider myself a newbie. :(


Regarding the error messages. I should have copied & pasted them, but I didn't. I don't want to redo the whole thing in order to get the error messages again, so I guess I need to move on to a different format. Does anyone have any experience with vBulletin? I know it's not free, but other than that, it looks really well-done. Any advice?




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Hey there,


I have a similar problem to the update of phbb with cpanel.

Now I have more than one account with TCH because I recomend all my clients to use tch for easy controling UPDATING, etc...


Well on one account PLAYARTA.com the update shown in cpanel for phbb goes only to version 2.0.18 and in my other account pcexpressmexico.com it shows an update to version 2.0.19 !!!


Now I have submited a Helpdesk ticket but they say they don't support software installation or upgrades, so what shall I do now?


Please don't tell me to go to phbb.com and do a manual update because this is exactly the reason I chose TCH as hosting company. I like tch very much because of the easy use of installing programms and the cpanel utilities, etc... so what can I do when they tell me they are not going to do anything!


And something that really interests me is: "Why does my other account have the most recent update???"


I'd be glad for some help over here,



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Hi Playarta,


As you can see from message two in this thread (scroll up to the top...) the version of phpBB that is available in cPanel for upgrade is dependant on cPanel. As I understand it, cPanel releases updated versions on a regular basis. When they release their latest version, they include the lastest versions of the software, like phpBB.


TCH gets newest installations of cPanel and installs them on the servers as needed. That means you could have slightly different releases of cPanel for domains hosted on different servers. (I have accounts on servers 49, 36, 35, and 76, for example.) I'm guessing that these increment cPanel builds aren't being rolled out to all servers unless it fixes a security hole or something. Or maybe it just takes time to get all of the servers updated. I'm not sure what TCH's policy is there.


I suppose you could try submitting a help desk ticket and asking them to install the latest version of cPanel. I'm not sure how they will respond.


However, TCH's policy (for as long as I've been a customer here... I think its more than 3 years now) has always required that customers (us) keep our software up-to-date. That is our own responsibility. cPanel provides some software, but there is no guarantee that it is up-to-date or free from secuirty flaws. As a responsible web user, it is my job to keep the sites I maintain up to date with their software releases--regardless of how I installed it (cPanel or manual).


If you want forums that are easy to upgrade, I'd suggest you consider Simple Machines Forums. I'm not a SMF user myself, but I know a lot of people here at TCH are happy with them. And they have an option in the SMF admin area that allows you to upgrade your installation to the latest version. SMF also has a phpBB importer, so you don't have to worry about losing any of your current content.


SMF is an option you should consider if you are serious about wanting a forum that is easy to upgrade.


Yes, you have to install SMF manually, but it is one of the easier installs out there. You don't have to modify any code in any of the files. You can just upload the .zip file to your server, unzip it in the folder you want to use, create the database in cPanel, and go to the installer page. You fill out a couple of fields, and that's it.


I know this isn't the answer you wanted. Sorry about that.


In any case, welcome to the TCH forums. Don't be a stranger! :)



(This was my 700th post in the Family Forums!! Yay!!)

Edited by abinidi
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For what its worth, I just checked the cPanel implementations on my various servers. Only one of the four has phpBB 2.0.19 as an upgrade option. The other three don't. And I'm pretty sure that the one that has 2.0.19 is a server that was recently converted to a RAID configuration. That supports my idea that the newest builds from cPanel are installed on servers as needed.


Anyway, good luck. Best wishes.

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Thank you very much abinidi,


It seems like I have no ther choice than do it manualy, and i will give it a try hoping I don't mess up everything :) A few years ago I installed php nuke manually and it worked fine until some strange problems occured i can't remember quite well, but then I found tch's cpanel installation and I was very happy with it, so I asumed it would be always updated with that update feature they have in cpanel.


What confused me a bit is that on my other account they seem to have the newest update to phbb but on the one I need it not :)


I will try to submit another ticket and hope this time they might be more helpfull.


Thanks again for your help, I apreciate it very much.


Take care,


cya until next problem :D



PD: If the account I have is on one of the newer servers, could I change them so I have the more important domain hosted on a better server???

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There is no one server better than another. TCH servers are all top notch servers. cPanel controls the release of updates. TCH tests updates from cPanel before updating all the servers.


If there happened to be a problem with a cPanel update it would be a lot easier to fix the couple of servers that were updated than have to upgrade/fix all the servers TCH owns.


Bottom line, it's your responsibility to keep your software updated. If that means you have to install updates manually that's what you will need to do.


Personally I don't like the one-click installs. If something goes wrong how do you fix it? If you are installing it yourself at least you know what you did.

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I have a theoretical question with regards to phpBB versions.

Let's say my Cpanel phpBB version is 2.0.18 and I manually

perform a patched upgrade to 2.0.19 to keep up-to-date with

security, bug fixes, etc. Down the road, the Cpanal phpBB is

upgraded to 2.0.20 (I forget to manually patch/upgrade). Will

the Cpanel method of upgrading my phpBB still work? I worry

that "manually" doing anything could break the process which

Cpanel will use to upgrade later... but maybe there's no issue

with this at all, but I'd like someone to tell me it'll work fine. :)

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[...] Down the road, the Cpanal phpBB is

upgraded to 2.0.20 (I forget to manually patch/upgrade). Will

the Cpanel method of upgrading my phpBB still work? [...]


My experience with this has been "no". I think that cPanel doesn't go out and actually check the version of phpBB that you have installed. It just knows what version(s) it installed (and upgraged) for you.


I can't say this is true for certain, but I think about a year ago I installed phpBB, and upgraded manually and the upgrade was not reflected in the cPanel phpBB upgrade version.


To be honest, though, the phpBB upgrade only takes me about 10 minutes from start to finish. A WordPress upgrade only takes me about 5 minutes from start to finish. The developers of these software packages have tried hard to make this process as painless as possible. For the most part, I think they're pretty successful. (However, nothing I've seen is quite like Simple Machines' upgrade by clicking on an upgrade button in the admin interface. That is admittedly pretty slick. And I'm not an SMF user.)

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