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Disk Space?


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I'm seeing alot of hosts nowadays offering in the area of 2 to 5 gigs of space for their customers. Now I know that most are most likely overselling but I'm just wondering if TCH would ever consider upping disk space for their customers even a little bit. Only reason I'm asking is because I plan on building a site and for what I have in mind it may take alot of space. Regardless I am 100% pleased with my TCH service thus far and have no intentions of going elsewhere, just curious however. No harm in asking.. :thumbup1:

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Guest Serpentine

Keep in mind that a host offering that much space often cannot sustain that for long periods of time and stay in business. Besides, most sites would never need that much room unless you were eBay or a file server and that shouldnt be done on a shared server.


I certainly would not want my account on the same server as some guy with a huge site like that most likely taking all the bandwidth and server process for himself.

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