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Oh How I Hate Java


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I'm not talking about javascript. I'm talking about java.


Any page with java freezes for about 5 seconds while my machine loads up the Java plugin and the content is served.


I'm sure it's good for some things. And admittedly, I've seen some nifty apps with it. But please give me a warning before forcing java down my throat.


(as he clicks to disable java in his Firefox browser)

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it's sad how these exploits of java (which i can't stand either) and flash can be used for something other then legitimate uses, which then blocks quality information as well as the spam we all hate. and ads.. i've found that pop-under, or forwarding you to the ad, then you have to hit the back button to get the actual content. but that's another thread :(


java has it's uses, i just wish it was possible to make it quicker

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