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Wordpress 1.5.1


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Download it here


Here's what's new :

# Login and feed fixes for IIS

# Faster gettext i18n

# Improved i18n string coverage

# Extended ping support

# Paging on the Manage->Posts page

# URI-safe accent stripping for all UTF-8 characters in the Latin Extended-A Unicode block

# Query string style argument list support for wp_get_links() and wp_get_linksbyname()

# Improved hierarchy listing in wp_list_pages()

# Support for a Status: theme header field that allows themes to be marked as private, publish, or draft

# Improved caching and database query reduction

# Active plugin and theme highlighting

# Plugins can now have multiple option pages

# Pingbacks now work on hosts with fopen off like Dreamhost

# Many bug fixes


I already updated my website (from WP 1.5) and didn't have any problems just follow these instrucions :

How to update from 1.5

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