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Hi. I'm under WindowsXP Pro, it seems like the autorun features are blocked and I can't find where. I'm talking about CD Rom autorun, but also the box that automaticaly opens when you connect something to a USB port, same for the firewire card...


Anyone has an idea? I already the CD drives properties to get sure Autorun Features were enabled and they are...

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Thanks. I did all that and didn't work either. But what bothers me is that it's not only affecting the CD-ROM drives, but also the USB and firewire ports... And I have found no info on that...

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The Power Toy you are looking for is called Tweak UI.


There is an option in Tweak UI to modify Auto Play options. Here are screen shots of its functionality, so you can determine if it will do what you are looking for:








Good luck!!



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Damn... everything is on. I guess there is a script running that's disabling everything for security reasons. I work in a foundry where all computers are built from the same ghost and many scripts are constantly running, along with many other background programs... I guess you guys can't do anything for me now.


Thanks a lot anyway, you've done all you could!

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