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Connecting To The Tch Mysql Db


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I use Dreamweaver MX to create Webpages. I have a testing server setup running win2k, IIS, MYSQL, PHP and PHPMyAdmin. This is working good, but when I am way from my house I cannot connect to my server. (Since I use DSL and I really dont want to open the ports on my router).


How can I connect dreamweaver to the my SQL database to help create queries for my pages.


Since I dont PHP very well, I depend on Dreamweaver to create the code for me. I have used the IP address and domain name as well to no avail.


Thanks For your help in advance

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This may not really answer your exact question but as a PHP coder, I thought I could add my two cents.


I also use Dreamweaver MX for design... but not for writing php. I've attempted to use Dreamweaver to write php code but it doesn't accomplish the task very well. The more involved you get with PHP, (or any server side code) the more likely you'll need to learn to code by hand.


The good news is that you can very quickly cut and paste your past code into new pages and you're off and running. I use a php 'class' that I cut and paste into pages that will connect to a database.


The second thing I would suggest (and you may have done this already) would be to upload a copy of phpMyAdmin. It's a fantastic way to manage your mysql database, add tables, perform queries, etc. I'd protect the directory (folder) where you install it with a password (.htaccess).


Once you have phpMyAdmin installed, you can access your database and run queries from any internet connection (thus the secrurity steps I mentioned previously).


You can download phpmyadmin here:

phpmyadmin page


It's hard to talk about this stuff without throwing tons of jargon around.


Hope this helps a little.

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