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Cms Or Gallery Script For Video


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I'm far away from family and I want to put up short video clips of my kids for the grandparents. Does anyone have suggestions for a good script or cms that can do this well? Wordpress, Mambo, Coppermine? I looked on the coppermine site and didn't see much on the subject and I've had trouble getting the video uploads to work with it--I tried files 10MB and smaller. Or should I just add it directly to the html without using another script?


Thanks for any suggestions...

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Hi Valerie,


Either format will work, just don't use .avi, they are gigantic file size.


My friend Gail, who is a member here at TCH, put together this page http://www.homegail.com/downscript/index.php to offer up viewing/downloads of files. It uses a script available here http://www.ironclad.net/scripts/ Gail then did some work to spruce up the page and it looks very nice :)

What the script does is list files and offer them to either view, or download to a desired location on the viewers computer. Very cool. Looks much neater than a HTML page with just links on it.


HTH, Tom

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