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Transfer Domain And ?


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I have a host...but i'm not liking their lack of tech support nor their downtime.

I'm not sure if they own my domain or I do...it's in their name!?

but if it's transferrable......how would I do that and how much does it cost to transfer my site to total choice?

I'll probably get the silver package

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If Rick isn't around when you see this, check to see if I am. IM me using Y!, AIM or MSN using the links below.


The reason we are asking that you IM us is that there are a jillion scenarios to this question. It would be much easier for us to talk to you about the specifics of your case (like: what's your domain name, where is it registered, who is your host, etc.).



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Hello, I recieved help from Rick last night and in the meantime wrote to my current host about releasing my domain

so how do I get an account here and transfer my domain and whats it going to cost.? I'm on icq 2653064 or gardingal on yahoo

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Hi, Lexi.


To order a plan with TCH, you should go to this page. Then click the 'Order' button beneath any plan (you'll be given the opportunity to select the plan you want on the next page). Complete the order process and hang out for a Welcome Email from us. Make sure that you do NOT use an email address with the same domain you are bringing over....that can cause problems and delay your order.


Then, in the welcome email, it will tell you which Name Servers to use for your Domain name. You go to your registrar and either change or ask them to change your Name Servers to those listed in the letter. This is not a domain transfer (which requires changing your registrar) but rather just lets your registrar know where to send internet requests for your domain. Because you're only changing the name servers for your domain there is not a transfer fee involved...because you're not transferring.


If you DO want to transfer your domain (change registrars) you can do that here too for as little as $10.95. That fee will automatically increase your domain expiry by one year as well. From that point forward, you pay the same amount each year for the domain.


**I've been chatting with Lexi and have her all lined out and she's signing up as I write this. So, Welcome Home Lexi! *** I continued to write the info in this post for the benefit of others that may see it.

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