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Tch-kris And Fatherhood

Head Guru

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It is with great happiness that I can announce that Kris is going to be a father.


Results just came in today, and well Kris is going to be a dad!


Congratulations Kris.


Next time Kris responds to your Help Desk Ticket, wish him a hearty congratulations.


Way to go Kris!


Good luck to you and your new family.


Yes, this news was exciting enough to make the Totalchoice hosting home page :)



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Hey hey :D


Thank You Bill, Bruce, GroovyFish, Thomas, Don, David, boxturt, abinidi, curtis, Serpentine, cajunman4life.


Bill H, Thank You. I know you are one lucky guy :D

This is our first experience, she is tensed so am I, this is just the first month.

What about some tips Bill H coz i believe you are more experienced than anyone here ;)


We request you all to pray for us....

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Congrats Kris!


Get ready to wear your *best* spitup duds!


Whoooo hoooo!


Hope that you enjoy every moment of this special little life!



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