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Gallery Problems


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Hi Weezy,


FTP into youre gallery/config.php file, and down around line 105 or so find the line

>$gallery->app->debug = "yes";

make sure it is set to yes. This puts Gallery into 'debugging mode.

Then do an image upload again. This time when it fails it will list a bunch of reasons. If you could include the errors here I'm sure I can solve it :clapping:



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Hi Tom!


This is what I got after I put it in debug mode and tried to upload...


Processing status...


- Adding josphotos25a.jpg

Resizing/compressing original image

No resizing required

File /home/jodi/public_html/albums/album04/josphotos25a.jpg type 2.





'/usr/bin/convert' -quality 90 -size 150x150 +profile '*' '/home/jodi/public_html/albums/album04/josphotos25a.jpg' -geometry 150x150 '/home/jodi/public_html/albums/album04/josphotos25a.thumb.jpg'





Error messages::

sh: line 1: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory



Status: 127 (expected 0)

Error: Unable to make thumbnail (0)!

Need help? Look in the Gallery FAQ No email sent as no valid email addresses were found

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Hi Weezy,


Well it figures it's a bit different error than I ususally get.

>Error messages:: 
sh: line 1: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory

It is saying, that whatever 'process' the config.php is telling it to use to 'manipulate' the image, cannot be found at that location. That location is something set on the server, something you or I would have no control over.


But I imagine it has something to do with the paths spelled out in the config.php file for 'netpbm' or 'imagemagick' that it leading to the error.


At the Gallery site that Gail pointed out I found these http://gallery.menalto.com/modules.php?op=...install.faq.c.2

/usr/bin/convert: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x0a 0x4d (/home/uspalmer/public_html/gallery/AUTHORS). -- This is a bug that has been fixed with the latest version of Gallery, please upgrade.


/usr/local/bin/convert: no delegate for this image format (/home/sites/home/web/albums/album_01/IMGP0215.jpg) -- This means ImageMagick doesn't have the appropriate libraries to handle a type of image format (in this case JPEG). If you have root access, make sure the appropriate image libraries are installed or ask your host to verify this. If not, you can try using NetPBM from the Gallery Download Page, which has all major image formats already included. If you are using FreeBSD and installed ImageMagick from the ports collection, see FAQ C.30.


Yep Thomas is right, and Gail has convinced me Coppermine is easier to install (and I know you know this too Weezy), but I just like to pain myself with the Gallery buggaboos :thumbup1:


It will be late evening before I can get back at this. Do you have another Gallery install, on the same server, that works? If so, you can look at its config.php, and find what is different as far as 'graphic' manipulators and the paths to them.


Have fun at it today :lol: Tom

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Hi Weezy,


Yes, Gallery can be a real pain to install and configure compared to Coppermine. You almost need someone guiding you every step of the way if you are configuring Gallery - especially if you haven't done it much before. I just installed the new version - the first page had 7 warnings (1 serious) if I remember correctly. I did get rid of the warnings that needed to be dealt with after getting some help from TCH David and Tom. I just finished revamping some guidelines for installing Gallery and I have 14 screen shots to help the old memory. :thumbup1:


Anyway, that doesn't answer your question. I would agree with Thomas. If you wish to keep those photos in Gallery, then upgrade to version 1.5 which was recently released. It supposedly fixes some bugs and this may address your problem. It is also my understanding that this is a policy of TCH (that we keep our scripts current) so maybe now is the time to upgrade when you are having problems. Or, you may want to put those photos in Coppermine Photo Gallery.


If you decide to keep Gallery and upgrade, click here for instructions.


Keep us posted.



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Rick fixed my problem.


For reference, this is what was wrong.


I made one change to your config.php file to change the path to Image::Magick to /usr/local/bin/ instead of /usr/bin.





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