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Google And Yahoo Ratings


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My site is http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com/. and I would like any suggestions that would help me to raise my listing using the title "reiki" in both yahoo and google. At the moment if I put in "reiki australia" i have quite a high listing, but when I just put in "reiki" my listing is much lower. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Steve :clapping:

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Guest Serpentine

While I cannot offer any real tips I will tell you that it is often next to impossible to get high rankings in a single word search for almost any site. In reality, a localized search might be better anyway as although any information you may have on the site may be of use, the fact that I am in Arizona in the US, I would never be able to visit any of the companies listed on the site as it is and take advantage of any services they offer.

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What Serpentine says is true. You will almost never get the same rank for a phrase as a single word, even if the word is in the phrase, unless it is a made-up word.

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Also keep in mind that the number of sites that use the single word in their content and meta data is larger than the phrase. Just look at the results found number at the top of the search results, there will be more for the single word. If you want to see what kind of competition you have try using a keyword tool, go to overture.com or search overture keyword tool. This handy tool will display the number of searches a month for that keyword. The higher the searches the harder your competition.

If your meta data content and keywords, content, heading tages, title tage and anchors are all optimized start looking on getting more incoming traffic and have partner sites link to you with your keyword anchored to your url. For instance <a http://www.yoursite.com>Keyword</a>. This will help your rank.

Look at the sites that hold the top positions find their google page ranks, this is a helpful number based on age, reliability and incoming links of the site. This number usually has a lot of wieght on how you will do in the engines.

Hope this helps.

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