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Nice Photo Plugin For Wordpress

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I came across and successfully installed a very nice plugin on my Wordpress-powered blog. If you use flickr for photos already, this plugin gives you a neat, customizable, integration to put your flickr photosets into an album of galleries on your blog. The gallery retains all the flickr functionality (including the slideshows, and the exif information), and it's not all that hard to get working--just a little fiddling.


You can get the plugin here



and some good instructions for installing on wordpress 1.5 here



If you want an example of one way it can look when it's done, my blog is here

http://www.mountebank.org/blog (and you can click on the photo gallery in the right sidebar).


I've used Gallery, too--and that's much more sophisticated, and robust, but if you just want to have a few albums, and you already use flickr and wordpress, this is pretty good.

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