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Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting In Tch's Future?


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Title says it all. Have you guys given consideration to offering virtual dedicated server hosting (a.k.a. "virtual private server")? I want to run some low-cpu-utilization server processes (CVS, Bugzilla) and am interested in stepping up to VDS/VPS to do it, but I like my home at TCH. Any chance you guys will offer this option in the future?




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The VPS market is very heated right now.


I'm just curious to know why the VPS market is heated, and as this thread was back in April of last year, wonder if it's STILL heated?


I too am looking at stepping up but like my home here at TCH

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Hi Ramsey,


To be really honest there are hosts that are setup better for VPS than we are. We are geared up more to cater to the fully dedicated client and shared market. We are not really a VPS company.


There is a small niche for VPS. Some people say it works well others do not. My view is this:


Take a server.


Give root access to say 15 people.


Let them use a set amount of RAM and CPU cycles.


What does all that equal. A overloaded server. Are their companies not overselling their VPS? I am sure of it.


Look at it this way.


You are moving to a VPS server for a reason right? You need more power right? Just make sure the company your moving to has a good rep for not over loading the VPS boxes. Just do the math. If you see a host that says. 5 VPS clients per server for only $29.99 per month be scared, very very scared.


VPS is just filled with to many demanding clients. Their expectations are wrong from that start in most cases.


It is my feeling if you need dedicated, than you need dedicated.



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Bill thanks for the reply! I really don't understand the whole VPS/Dedicated issues, so thot I'd check here. Now I'm clearer! :) Thanks for the heads up!

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