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Php As Cgi?

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Hey All,


I'm working on setting up a new CMS system, but unfortunately most of the support forum is in German! Not so good for me:)


I'm having an issue and someone suggest that they had the same thing resolved by getting the hosting to "run php as cgi" - does anyone know what that means?


The CMS system has a "files" folder that you can upload from the web interface differnt file types that you can then place within the CMS pages...but it's just giving me a wacky error.


Ok, just wanted to see if anyone knew what "run php as cgi" means!




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If you upload what's known as a phpinfo page you'll see information on all the bells and whistles that TCH has loaded with PHP and you'll see some of the default settings and whether PHP is installed as a cgi module or Apache module. (To hardcore server gurus out there, forgive me if I use slightly incorrect terminology)


You create a phpinfo page by creating a three line fine like so



Name it whatever.php, upload it, 'hit' it with your browser, and up comes all the details on your particular php install. Once you see what you need, I suggest you remove the file from your server... just in case.


To the best of my knowledge, PHP runs as an apache module on most, if not all, TCH servers. But I don't have first hand knowledge to say this for a fact. But regardless, the relevant question is how it runs on YOUR server.


I haven't run across many situations where it would benefit you to have PHP run as a cgi module.

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