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Anonymous Ftp Access.

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I want to provide my webmaster with COMPLETE access to my hosting account. Can this be done?


Now the question is,


1] Should I setup an Anonymous FTP account for him, so that he can have full access of my account?


2] Should I give him my real username & password?


3] Can the present password given to me, with my account be changed in future?


He wants complete access of the hosting account and he will setup my full website and forum. For such an access, what should I do?


I do not want to give him a partial access, to some specific folder or specific directory or specific section. I need complete access.


Someone please be kind enough to answer my questions.


Thanks in advance!!

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By giving your webmaster ftp access to root (done by creating a FTP User through CPanel with the directory of simply: / ), you will entitle him/her to full access of all of your space...however, he/she will NOT have access to cPanel.


It very well may be beneficial to you to give them your cpanel login/pass and then just change the password when he's done. The reason I say is because you mentioned setting up a forum. This is really very easily done through cPanel and as stated above, the FTP User with access to root still cannot access cPanel. And there are lots of other goodies that your webmaster might be able to incorporate into your site.


Good luck.

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