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Anyone Get Wordpress Oneclick Plugins To Work?


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I have recently installed WP and I cannot get the one-click plugin to work. I keep getting access denied errors like the following:


Warning: fopen(wp-content/plugin_manager/tmp/tmp.zip): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/gwenand/public_html/wp/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 454


Fatal Error: Couldn't write downloaded archive to 'wp-content/plugin_manager/tmp/tmp.zip'


If anyone has this working I would like to know, so that I am sure it is compatible with TCH's setup


of course any ideas would be appreciated as well.

Thanks a ton,


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I'm assuming you are talking about the oneClick backup plugin and you are running WP 1.5.

I have no problem running it and that error is usally caused by incorrect permissions. Try changing the permissions on you backup directory to 777.

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Here is the problem, the script is creating directories and they are being assigned to the user nobody. Then you try to run the upgrades and they run with you as the user. Since the user nobody owns the directory you can not make the necessary change to run the script. If you want to see what I'm talking about try to delete the directory 'plugin_manager' under 'wp-content'

I'm not sure how to permanently fix this, but you can try the help desk.

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Hey you are right. (of course you knew that). I was just figuring that out as well as you responded. (I can't delete the folders now)


I got to get to bed now, 12:15 in Italy here. I will see what I can find out in the morning. If you think of anything, let me know. Thanks for looking into this Dick.




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