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Another Problem

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You people are going to get tired of me LOL Now I have another problem. I tried to set up the advanced guestbook the other day, before my site propogated. Now that I can see my site... I can't edit the guestbook... To edit, it's asking for a user name and password and I never got to set them because the page it sent me to came up as not found, since the site hadn't proagated..... I need a little help, please :) Domain.. dddezigns.com

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Here's my general suggestion for all domain propagation issues: use a "hosts" file entry to work around it.


The hosts file is the old-fashioned method of handling name-to-IP resolution back before there was DNS, and is still used sometimes to allow you to override DNS (which is what I am suggesting you do).

  • The hosts file is simply a filed named "hosts" (no file extension. In windows NT or 2000 you'll find it in the windows\system 32\drivers\etc folder, but it might be easier just to use the find function to find it on your c: drive. Then open it with notepad.
  • The file probably has a bunch of instructions in it; all those lines will be marked as "comments" (with a "#" sign) so that the operating system ignores them.
  • At the end you'll see usually just one real entry, for "localhost." Add your entry on a new line after that. For my domain, it would be www.c-stone.net
  • After adding your entry, save the file.

Now when you type in your domain name, you should get your site, and any links will still take you to your site. Once you're sure your domain propagation is done, you can remove the entry you made in the hosts file (or do what I do and just put a "#" in front of it; this way you can later re-enable it easily by deleting the "#").


Be aware that doing this will enable you to see your site as if everything was working great, but it only works for you! Other people will still not be able to find your site until their DNS server have the new address/SOA.

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